08 Feb

The Mixed Messages in our Society About Drinking Alcohol

Posted in News and Society on 08.02.16

An Issue of Mixed Messages How can something as prevalent, accepted, and accessible in our society as drinking alcohol be so harmful, unhealthy, AND illegal when consumed at or slightly above moderate intake levels? The simple asking of this question immediately uncovers a number of issues, one of which is the mixed messages that exist in our society about drinking alcohol. The Accessibility and Acceptability of Alcohol On the one hand, consider the thousands upon thousands of bars and taverns ...

07 Feb

Bonds Assistive Hint

Posted in Finance on 07.02.16

Finding specific information about bonds might not be easy but we have gathered very helpful and relevant information about the general subject matter, with the ultimate aim of helping you out. Even if your search is about other bonds information, such as high yield checking account, interest bonds, what is forex or even bond list, this article will prove very helpful, to say the least. Saving bonds are different from the other U.S. government bonds or any other bonds. They are not liquid ...

06 Feb

Roth IRA Investments in Real Estate. Hot in 2008 Believe it or Not

Posted in Business on 06.02.16

You've got a Roth IRA and you're thinking a lot lately about returns on your IRA when times get tough, like now. One of the best investments for any IRA, including a Roth IRA, is in real estate.Believe it or not Roth IRA investments in real estate are STILL the single best investment you can make right now in 2008, when the economy is terrible and the real estate market in turmoil.But surely you wouldn't make a Roth IRA real estate investment in the current market? The real estate market is in ...

05 Feb

Five Tips to Present Like a Pro

Posted in Business on 05.02.16

Five Tips to Present Like a Pro Over the last five years, I've noticed a dramatic change in the field of presentation skills. Increasingly, experts support the idea that being a "good enough" speaker is no longer "good enough." Mere competency as a speaker is no longer enough to sell your ideas, bring communities together, or move clients to action. What are the reasons for this change?  I believe it results from a unique confluence between popular and business cultures. The private sphere has ...

04 Feb

Five Tips To Wiser Investing

Posted in Finance on 04.02.16

One of the most common requests I receive is for investing help. In this article, I try to present just a few basic investing tips to remember when you plan for your future through investing. 1. Have a plan and know where you are going with your investments. If you don't have a plan, how will you know if you are on track? The process of creating a plan includes determining your current financial situation, how much money you want to save, and by when. 2. Diversify your investments. Create a ...

03 Feb

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Posted in Finance on 03.02.16

Each April our thoughts turn to the coming of spring and the coming of the tax man. I hear a lot of people complaining about taxes at this time of year. Not just that they have to do their taxes and spend hours pouring over old records and trying to figure out indecipherable forms, but also musings and opinions about taxes in general. I often hear the opinion expressed that businesses, property owners and "rich people" do not pay their fair share of taxes. And I agree. I agree that they don't ...

02 Feb

Depression after a Heart Attack

Posted in Health on 02.02.16

There are several factors can lead to depression after heart attack. The stress of being in the hospital, the fear of another heart attack, time away from work can all contribute to feeling depressed, helpless, down and despondent. Do many people suffer depression after heart attack? Not surprisingly, the answer to this question is yes. Recent studies show that as many as 65% of people who have a heart attack report feeling depressed, down and despondent. A general state of despair. Moreover, ...

01 Feb

How to Rollover a 401k Into an IRA (individual Retirement Account)

Posted in Finance on 01.02.16

Learning how to rollover a 401k into an IRA is relatively easy. Most custodial companies can tell you how to transfer or rollover a 401k into IRA funds. Just be sure that this is the decision that you wish to make. If you are trying to learn how to rollover a 401k into an IRA, you are probably changing jobs. If not, I would not suggest that you make this move. Annual contribution limits are much higher in 401ks than they are in IRAs and employers often match contributions. If you are changing ...

31 Jan

Savers turning from ISAs to Fixed Rate Bonds

Posted in Finance on 31.01.16

It is common knowledge that Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) have been offered as the •no-brainer” tax free method for saving without having to pay tax on the interest earned. But recent surveys show that they may no longer be the best option.ISAs were first launched 10 years ago in April 1999, offering savers the best rates on the market. But things have changed, and despite the attract feature of tax-free returns, savers may find they can get higher returns using high interest ...

30 Jan

Andropause and Depression

Posted in Health on 30.01.16

Andropause correlates directly with depression – a major player in the notorious mid-life crisis period men face in their late 40´s to late 50´s. There are a wide variety of symptoms and conditions hormone-wrecked men experience during this mid-life transition – everything from the mental (i.e. irritability) to the physical (loss of libido, lack of energy, and weight gain.) Depression, left untreated, can be a disabling condition. Andropause depression is due to dropping levels of ...

29 Jan

California Refinance - Refinancing In California

Posted in Finance on 29.01.16

The real estate market in California is booming. Home values continue to appreciate almost on a daily basis. Refinancing your home is an excellent way to take advantage of the low interest rates currently being offered by California lenders. The beautiful scenery and warm climate make California and ideal place for families and businesses alike. If you currently live in California and are considering refinancing your mortgage, there are both online lenders and traditional mortgage companies who ...

28 Jan

What is a Trainer? What is a Facilitator?

Posted in Business on 28.01.16

What is a Trainer? What is a Facilitator? Recently, I've noticed that some corporations call their trainers "facilitators." I can only assume this is meant to be shorthand for "facilitator of learning." However, is "facilitator" really an appropriate term when the "facilitator" uses only lecture and Power Point? Are facilitating a strategic planning session and teaching someone how to do that really the same thing? Even the roots of the two words interplay. "Educe," the root of "educate," ...

28 Jan

Twitter Tweets about Taxes as of January 28, 2016

Posted in Education on 28.01.16

IdellaPage: scv taxes IRS quote Taxation with representation ain't so hot either. ~Gerald Barzan #scv #taxes #IRS #quote 2012-12-12 · Reply MoxieKatz: Dem taxes. 2012-12-12 · Reply ThePOLORCrew: Why is Boehner purging Conservatives from House Committees? He's setting up cavein to OBozo Taxes. TIME TO #FireBoehner 2012-12-12 · Reply AmerDelic: It's 12/12/12. Do we celebrate? Do we not celebrate? What calendar are we using anyways? Should I ...

27 Jan

Distance Learning and Distance Learning Online

Posted in Education on 27.01.16

a href="">Distance learning has become extremely appealing and widely attended because of the many educational options it offers through an educational format that caters to students who require flexibility in pursuing a degree. If you have decided that you need to jump-start your flagging career, want to change careers, or reach higher for an education that can increase your earning potential, then a distance learning online school is for you! Anything ...

26 Jan

Vioxx Recall Lawsuits

Posted in Law on 26.01.16

Vioxx Recall Lawsuits The drug Vioxx is a COX-2 inhibitor designed by the company Merck Inc. It was ordered to be pulled from American and European markets on April 7th 2005 after it was discovered that there were potentially deadly side effects from its use. Doctors and researchers both believed that the drug Vioxx could cause cardiovascular problems and recently a Texas jury awarded a $253.4 million wrongful death settlemtn to the widow of a man who allegedly died from Vioxx-related ...

25 Jan

4 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Taxes

Posted in Finance on 25.01.16

With Tax Season upon us, here are 4 simple steps to lower your tax bill this year. STEP #1: Understand How Serious Your Tax Problem Is Are you aware of just how much in taxes you are paying? Here's how much the average family spends on various consumer categories -- as a percentage of income. You must realize that it's not how much you spend on taxes that is important, it's how much you spend on taxes as compared to all other major categories of spending! Consumer Spending: How Do You Spend ...

24 Jan

What Type of Account Can My Rollover IRA be Put Into? (individual Retirement Account)

Posted in Finance on 24.01.16

I get this question a lot; what type of account can my rollover IRA be put into? People consider me something of an expert. I do have quite a bit of investment experience and have been self-directing my retirement account for many years. We are offering at the moment one of the few investments around where the ROI is guaranteed. Actually the ROI is guaranteed to be at least double what your ROI was last year. Do yourself a favor and check this out. Now please carry on. It’s easy to make a ...

23 Jan

5 Reasons to Rollover a 401k to an IRA

Posted in Finance on 23.01.16

Ask yourself these questions?  Will you retire in 5 years or 30 years? Are you investing for the short or long term? Do you need one or multiple retirement plans? Will you use one or diversify into multiple asset classes? What investment experience do you have? Do you need a financial advisor or professional help? Can you make enough money given your time frame to retirement? The following 5 reasons to rollover a 401k to an IRA may help you answer these questions. Reason #1 Do nothing ...

23 Jan

Twitter Tweets about Investing as of January 23, 2016

Posted in Advertising on 23.01.16

daviddao: Is Broadway a 'Wicked' Good Investment? - Investing in a Broadway show isn't as glamorous as starring in one, but ... 2013-06-08 · Reply leftywitch: RT @ColMorrisDavis: With revelations about gov't spying on citizens' phones, emails, tweets & texts, I'm investing in secure communications? 2013-06-08 · Reply Guri02: RT @ColMorrisDavis: With revelations about gov't spying on citizens' phones, emails, tweets & texts, I'm investing in ...

22 Jan

Green or Mean Returns - Investing in the Environment

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 22.01.16

Every industry is affected by rules and regulations. Environmental issues are becoming of greater importance as more and more regulations go into affect. Cleaner air, water, pesticides even the garbage we throw away is regulated. Do you think much about it? Even the oceans are cause for environmental regulation. The resent oil tanker that broke in two off the coast of Spain has become world news and threatens the ocean's eco system and the industries that rely on it. From an investment ...